TomatenKuchen is a free multipurpose Discord bot for your server!









Public servers


Drawn tomato holding a ban sign

Advanced moderation features
Useful moderation commands and modlogs combined with Discords native AutoMod, allowing you to punish users for triggering a rule!

Load Discord templates and create feature-rich server backups
Using template you can load Discord templates onto existing servers. backup allows you to remove bots like Xenon as TomatenKuchen has way more features and backups pretty much everything Discord allows the bot to :D

Ticketembed for two ticket categories

Fully customizable ticket system
Multiple ticket categories, ticket embeds and Discord-like transcripts

Serverstats in channel and category names and on the website
In the Docs you can find tips on how to setup stats. You can also track member and boost count as well as the messages sent per day and the active chatters - with no expiration!

Discord screenshot of automatic stats channels in action
Buttons for three roles using TomatenKuchen button roles

Reaction, button and select roles
Create an unlimited amount of classical reaction roles, or use the modern button and select roles to let your members select roles!

Ever wanted to create custom buttons or selects?
Using integrations you can do that and much more, like executing an action when a user violates an AutoMod rule!

Discord message with custom content and a custom button after using a slash command
Discord message containing a leaderboard, a birthday list and a list of AFK members

Auto updating messages
On the left you can see auto updating messages, featuring a custom leaderboard, fictive birthdays and a list of AFK members. You could also list the next servers events or just general statistics!

...and much, much more!
There's a full list of features available in the docs - and new ones are added almost daily!