Ever wanted a fully customizable Discord bot - for free?

Well, you have to vote for this bot. Should be no problem with a few active members though :D

We call them "Custom bots". Others call them "Custom branding" or "White-label" - but it's the same!

TomatenKuchen custom bots allow you to...

  • Change the username, avatar and About Me of the bot
  • Be able to use most of TomatenKuchens features without manual work
  • Invite your custom bot to multiple servers
  • Remove the main TomatenKuchen bot from your server
    • Other popular bots with a custom bot feature require the main bot to be on the server

Ready to use custom bots? Create one on the custom bot dashboard!


You pay for your custom bot(s) using credits.
You can earn them by voting for TomatenKuchen and Manage Bot - a Discord bot for managing Pterodactyl webinterface servers -, by using the economy system of TomatenKuchen and by participating in giveaways and events on the TomatenKuchen Discord server.

The formula used for calculating the daily cost is Math.pow(28 * (userCount + 90), 0.6) - 105.
userCount is the total user count of all servers the custom bot is on.

Calculate the credit cost of your custom branded bot:

How to earn credits

Action Max per day per user
5 Voting for TomatenKuchen 40
2 Voting for Manage Bot 16
1 1,000 economy system tomatoes sold using the shop command

Credit cost Feature