Ever wanted a fully customizable Discord bot - for free?

Well, you have to vote for this bot. Should be no problem with a few active members though :D

We call them "Custom bots". Others call them "Custom branding" or "White-label" - but it's the same!

TomatenKuchen custom bots allow you to...

  • Change the username, avatar and About Me of the bot
  • Be able to use most of TomatenKuchens features without manual work
  • Invite your custom bot to multiple servers
  • Remove the main TomatenKuchen bot from your server
    • Other popular bots with a custom bot feature require the main bot to be on the server

Ready to use custom bots? Create one on the custom bot dashboard!


The first custom bot of a user is free!

You pay for your custom bot(s) using credits.
You can earn them by voting for TomatenKuchen and Manage Bot - a Discord bot for managing Pterodactyl webinterface servers -, by using the economy system of TomatenKuchen and by participating in giveaways and events on the TomatenKuchen Discord server.

The formula used for calculating the daily cost is Math.pow(28 * (userCount + 90), 0.6) - 105.
userCount is the total user count of all servers the custom bot is on.

Calculate the credit cost of your custom branded bot:

How to earn credits

Action Max per day per user
5 Voting for TomatenKuchen 40
2 Voting for Manage Bot 16
1 1,000 economy system tomatoes sold using the shop command

Credit cost Feature