Legal Notice

Information required as per effective German law.

Responsible for content on services mentioned below is:

T‏o‏m A‏b‏e‏l‏m‏a‏n‏n
I‏n d‏e‏r B‏ΓΌ‏n‏t‏e 1‏3
3‍0‍9‍8‍9 G‏e‏h‏r‏d‏e‏n


Discord: devtomatocake Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +‍4‍9‍5‍1‍3‍7‍6‍7‍7‍0

The phone number and address is not to be used at all.

If you have Discord and want a fast response, send me a DM to the username above or use the support server. If not, send an email and you'll receive a response as soon as possible, but at most three (3) business days for normal requests.

List of affected domains & services

  • Discord bot Tomaten‏Kuchen with the ID 68516‍68013943‍35819
  • Discord bot Manage Bot with the ID 85620‍39749949‍52192
  • tomatenkuchen‏.com
  • tomatenkuchen‏.eu
  • vanillaminigames‏.net
  • vanillaminigames‏.eu
  • sh0rt‏.zip
  • chaoshosting‏.eu

List of Discord bots is not exhaustive as most of the other ones are private.